Voluntary Liquidation

Appointed by the Shareholders of a company whether insolvent or not. Voluntary Liquidations are categorised as Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations if the company is insolvent and Members’ Voluntary Liquidations if the company is solvent

Voluntary Administration

Appointed by the directors of an insolvent company or a company facing insolvency. Generally applicable where the company wishes to continue by entering into an arrangement with its creditors under the control of an external administrator.

An Administrator can also be appointed by certain types of secured creditors.

Court Liquidation

Usually initiated by a creditor but in some circumstances may be initiated by interested parties for a variety of reasons, which may not necessarily relate to Insolvency

Provisional Liquidation

Initiated by an interested party anticipating court liquidation where a company is found to need a caretaker 

Controller,Receiver & Receiver & Manager

Most commonly appointed by a secured creditor by may be appointed by a Court


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